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STIHL is the world's leading chainsaw manufacturer. The company’s product portfolio also includes a wide range of powered and other tools designed to make landscaping and working in nature a breeze. With a staff of more than 20,000, the family-run company operates in 160 countries on five continents.

Project background

In 2020, STIHL launched its own online shop to enter the D2C business and boost brand perception as a go-to garden tool brand. To increase online visibility, the company decided to place special emphasis on high-quality content.

Moccu x STIHL: the task

Our primary task was to develop and implement a convincing SEO content strategy. To distinguish the shopping experience from other, generic online stores, STIHL wanted to approximate the experience of shopping in a dedicated STIHL retail outlet. Providing targeted, useful advice and information should turn STIHL’s website into a source of innovation and help it stand out from the competition.

To this end, we defined three clear project objectives:

  • Provide STIHL customers with real added value through new content
  • Align content and online shop to increase conversions
  • Strengthen and strategically position the brand through improved visibility

Our approach: data-driven strategy development

As a first step, we conducted an in-depth content audit to evaluate STIHL’s existing content. Based on these audit results, we designed a list of recommended actions.

These comprised a wide set of measures, from development of a brand-new information architecture to a relevance assessment of existing contents based on the audit data.

For optimal alignment with the target objectives, relevant contents were then fundamentally revised.

Based on our findings and keyword research, we’ve since been creating a steady stream of new content designed to boost SEO performance and offer added value to the site’s users.

What we did

In line with STIHL‘s company goals, we defined precise objectives for the website. These served as a framework for both our initial content audit and existing content optimization as well as all subsequent new content production.

This encompasses:

  • Market, competitor, and keyword analyses
  • SEO
  • UI/UX: development of user-friendly content modules
  • Copywriting
  • Performance tracking according to pre-defined KPIs
  • User testing
  • Implementation and international rollout

The result

After 4+ years of collaborative project work, we are proud to have more than 250 high-performing pieces of content online.

STIHL lives and breathes content

Over the years of our collaboration, STIHL has developed a keen sensitivity for the value of high-performing content. The constructive and cooperative collaboration between STIHL and Moccu has helped us to quickly and smoothly develop solutions that are beneficial to all and streamline the entire content process.

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Thomas Walter Managing Director & Partner

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