We identify the most promising digital business opportunities and leverage their full potential.


The Experience is the Product.

  • Strong Brand Loyalty

    UX builds connections and brand loyalty. It's great experiences that make your customers come back for more.

  • Higher Conversions & Sales

    UX pays – it tends to be the highest-return investment.

  • Growth through Recommendations

    UX makes our lives easier – and that’s something we love to share with others.

  • Better products & services

    UX always takes the perspective of the people it’s designed for.

  • 01 We understand

    We dive deep to truly understand your customers and their needs. These insights enable us to define products and services that are state of the art and loved by users.

  • 02 We create

    We design along all touchpoints by combining UX/UI Design, Content and Performance in our interactive design process.

  • 03 We partner

    Our work is never done. A great User Experience needs to be nurtured continuously. An ongoing agency-client relationship based on trust is therefore imperative for truly great results.

01 We understand

In this new world of digital our clients typically need to face similar challenges: identify growth strategies, enhance marketing efficiency, and add digital value to existing products.

We start by clearly identifying the problems worth solving together with our clients. Facilitating and prioritizing at this early stage is arguably the most important step in setting up a project for success: we do the right things.

  • Human insights - user research & testing

    Utilizing continuous user research & testing enables us to identify potential users' pain points and hidden needs.

  • Data insights - analytics

    We are data driven and believe in the power of hypotheses to analyze and measure success. Real data is our most important design asset for [adjektiv] dashboards or data-pipelines.

  • UX expertise - design audits

    We identify meaningful improvements for your current digital products and suggest the right steps to get better results.

  • Insights by doing - co-creation und ideation

    We use collaborative workshops to rapidly get things done. On location or remote, both works for us.

02 We create

We have a great eye for the bigger picture along all the touchpoints of a customer journey but still sweat the small stuff that makes the design of a product loveable.

Excellent User Experience ist the best brand ambassador you can imagine and inspire the joy of use for your customers: we do things right.

  • UX/UI design

    Focusing on key features requires experience. Users subconsciously absorb the design of digital products. We ensure that this design matches the brand’s positioning to craft a holistic and consistent customer experience.

  • Content strategy & creation

    Our content strategy leads the way for up-to-date contents that are user and search engine friendly, tailored to the right target audience segments and easily accessible.

03 We partner

Turning a brand into a love brand is a constant journey of experiments and adjustments. Since your product's UX is also in constant flux, a dedicated long-term client-agency relationship is at the core of sustainable success. Synchronized workflows built on continuity and trust enable us to push the envelope: we are better together.

  • From strategy to success - design doing

    We operationalize strategic goals and develop the right road map to get them done.

  • Optimize - A/B testing & CRO

    We systematically optimize landing pages and checkout processes to boost conversion rates.

  • Content Management & Maintenance

    We manage and distribute contents to local markets, keep them up-to-date, and ensure consistent quality.

  • Innovate - emerging trends & technologies

    We investigate the potential value of emerging tech like Voice, AR or VR for your users and your business. Together with our partners we then create future proof concepts and prototypes that inspire or go straight into production.

Why Moccu?

20+ years of Experience with Empathy

  • Quick & Independent

    We like to keep it lean and deliver cost-effective results. We don't need an armada of employees or bloated management structures to go-live. All our experts are just a phone or video call away so we can interact directly, open and to the point.

  • Experts

    While we embrace the digital age with all its constant change and rapid developments, we are not jacks of all trades. We focus on what we do best. If we can't deliver a best-in-class service on our own, we collaborate with trusted experts from our vast network of excellence.

  • Systematically Tested

    We constantly challenge our assumptions by testing from an early prototype stage right through to the released product. This mindset leads us to the best solution at any given time and also generates continuous insights that inform our shared knowledge.

  • Financially impactful

    Our solutions deliver sustainable and substantial results that are worth the investment.

The proof is in the pudding.

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