We are proud of our work and the partnerships we have built up.

STIHL: High-performing content for the global market leader

Content Strategy | Performance & Analytics | User Experience

Over the course of four years, STIHL has multiplied its online visibility with 250+ tailored pieces of content. Our approach: a precisely targeted SEO strategy based on the company’s primary goals and continuous performance tracking.

STIHL Case Study

SEO content strategy takes Hama to the top

Content strategy | Content production | SEO

As part of Hama’s consumer brand repositioning, we contributed a targeted SEO content strategy as well as matching contents with a focus on how-to articles. The result: an impressive bump in digital visibility and website traffic.

Hama Startseite Case Study

Kleinanzeigen Rebranding

UI Design | Screendesign | Content Management | IT-Services

When eBay Kleinanzeigen became Kleinanzeigen, 500 themed pages received a thorough rebranding update.

Kleinanzeigen Case Study

“Moccu continually reinvents itself. Their transformation into a consulting firm is impressive, and it's understandable they have so many long-term clients.”

— Arne C. Rehbach, Director E-Commerce L'Oréal Deutschland


UX Design | UI Design

Thalia Group, market leader in the retail book trade, combines online and offline services following a comprehensive omni-channel strategy.

We enabled a consistent shopping experience by reflecting the brand positioning and visuals on the new website.

We are constantly working on refining this experience in close collaboration with Thalia's UX team.

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UX Design | UI Design | eCommerce

Transdev handles all subscription services for Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (VRR), one of Europe's largest public transport providers. We brought clarity into the complex jungle of different tariffs through a refined information architecture and simplified UX.

Working closely together with customer support, we identified the main pains & gains of Transdev's diverse user base. As a result we completely re-designed the customer area and checkout process, which allows users to simply find, purchase and edit the right subscription model. The technical implementation is being realized by another service provider.

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UX Design | UI Design | Development

Climate Partner enables companies to calculate, save and compensate their CO2 emissions, thereby effectively reducing climate harming emissions.

We analyzed the specific B2B customer needs in this field and identified the main barriers enterprises face when collecting meaningful data.

Based on these insights we designed a sustainability management software that simplifies data collection and analytics for different kinds of businesses and sectors. Our solution finally empowers these orgs to reliably calculate their own CO2 footprint.

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It is our responsibility as an agency to create experiences that enrich people's lives.

— Thomas Walter, Managing Director strategy & finance

eBay Classifieds

SEO | Content Strategy | UX Design | Development

We redesigned ebay Classified's digital customer support. All users can find exactly what they are looking for, whether they are coming via Google or the app.


SEO | Content Strategy | UX Design | UI Design

ThermaCare launches D2C scheme in the healthcare pain management segment

ThermaCare Case Study


For Beuth, one of Europe's leading publishers for technical standards and Europe's no 1 full service provider of technical information, the web shop is an important distribution channel. Our relaunch dug deep into the needs of businesses searching for specialist publications and thereby significantly boosted the client's conversion rates. The platform is constantly developed and improved by following our customized A/B testing strategy.


UX Design | UI Design | Development | Technical Support

We design and develop innovative services that enable users to follow TV mega events like the World Cup, Olympic Games or elections.

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